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FastGene® FAS-X

Unbeatable performance – With any fluorescent dye

  • Safe Blue/Green LED light to protect user and samples
  • All inclusive - no additional equipment required
  • Brilliant image quality with any fluorescent dye
  • Just 3 simple taps on the touchscreen to get the perfect gel image
  • Made in Germany

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Next level qPCR system for probe & dye-based assays

FastGene® qFYR Real-Time PCR System

Highest precision instrument | The device for multiple applications 

  • Multiplex qPCR:
     4+1 channels
  • Standard plate format:
    96-well block with gradient function
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Outstanding homogeneity across all wells of a 96-well plate
  • Software included:
    Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Integrated Precision Melt Analysis Tool (for probe-based allelic discrimination)
  • Many applications:
    Gene expression analysis, genotyping, HRM (high resolution melt), pathogen detection, genetic analysis
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Time and cost efficient capillary electrophoresis

Qsep - The unique Bio-Fragment Analyzer

Determine the fragment length of your DNA, RNA and proteins quickly and easily

  • Easiest handling:
    Insert the ready-to-use, petented cartridge into the device and get started without time-consuming training
  • Minimum sample preparation
    Place your samples in the sample holder and you're done
  • Reliable: 
    Perfect and reproducible results
  • Low follow-up costs
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Photometry has never been easier

FastGene® NanoSpec Photometer

Quickly and easily determine the concentration of your DNA, RNA and proteins

  • Precise and powerful measurement in the micro-volume range:
    Automatic adjustment of the light path to the sample concentration
  • Dual measurement method:
    For micro-volumes and cuvettes
  • Easy handling:
    Clear menu controlled via a 7" touch screen
  • Minimized susceptibility to errors:
    >20 preset programs for DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Versatile applications:
    Nucleic acid quantification, colorimetric protein analysis, cell density determination, kinetic tests, ...
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