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OVERVIEW: Lab Instruments & Devices

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What kind of work facilitation would you like to see in your lab?

What will you need in 2024 to make your experiments RELIABLE, EFFICIENT and EASY?


1 |  Gel Documentation


Gel documentation system

FastGene® FAS-X

  • The ultimate standalone system with Blue/Green LEDs
  • Intuitive video capture software

8.999 EUR*


Transilluminator with Blue/Green light

FastGene® Blue/Green LED Transilluminator

  • Strong signals without UV light
  • For all common DNA and RNA dyes
  • Large working area of 26 cm x 21 cm

1.479 EUR   1.199 EUR*

2 |  Thermal Cycler


Quantitative real-time fluorescence PCR system

FastGene® qFYR Real Time PCR System

  • 6-well block with gradient function
  • Fast set-up of qPCR experiments thanks to intuitive software!
  • Multiplexing with up to 4 channels

18.999 EUR   17.499 EUR*


Thermal gradient cycler for 96-well plates

FastGene® Ultra Cycler Gradient

  • Smaller than a DIN A4 sheet
  • Temperature gradient from 1-24 °C over 12 levels
  • Programming wizard makes operation easy
  • Compatible with low-profile and standard 96-well plates

5.670 EUR   3.899 EUR*

3 |  Photometer


Microvolume Photometer

FastGene® NanoSpec

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Wide range of possibilities for biomolecules
  • Complete UV-Vis spectrophotometer

9.186 EUR   8.499 EUR*

4 |  Protein Electrophoresis and Western Blot


PAGE Protein System

FastGene® PAGE Protein System

  • Convenient pouring of gels - without leakage!
  • Flexible use of 1-4 gels
  • Compatible with various ready-to-use gels (BioRad, Invitrogen, FastGene®)

1.063 EUR   929 EUR*


Western Blot System for wet transfer

FastGene® Western Blot System

  • Efficient transfer of proteins to Western blot
  • Cooler battery included for heat absorption
  • Run 2 blots simultaneously

546 EUR   499 EUR*

5 |  Centrifuge and Vortexer

NG040-FastGene-Plate Centrifuge-1

Mini Centrifuge for 96-well plates

FastGene® Plate Centrifuge

  • Compatible with all common 96-well plates (incl. 2 adapter plates for eight-strip and single tubes)
  • Fixed speed: 2,200 rpm (480 x g)
  • Timer function

819 EUR   690 EUR*


Steepless Vortexer

FastGene® Vortexer Mini

  • Fits on any lab bench: 10 cm diameter, 8 cm height
  • Infinitely adjustable: 0 - 4000 rpm
  • Secure stand due to suction cups & high own weight

162 EUR   125 EUR*

6 |  Gelelectrophoresis System


Gel chamber with voltage transmitter


  • Compact, handy design
  • Timer function for automatic switch-off of electrophoresis
  • DNA bands with excellent resolution due to a stable electric field
  • Included gel casting set for the preparation of small and large agarose gels

658 EUR   499 EUR*

7 |  Magnetic Stands | For the separation of magnetic beads


FastGene® MagnaStand 0.2

  • For 0.2 mL PCR single tubes or PCR strips of eight
  • With Neodyn magnets | The strongest permanent magnets in the world

429 EUR   389 EUR*


FastGene® MagnaStand 1.5

  • For 1.5 mL reaction vessels
  • Lockable magnet position
  • With Neodyn magnets | The strongest permanent magnets in the world

635 EUR   549 EUR*


FastGene® MagnaStand 96

  • For 0.2 mL 96-well plates semi- or full-skirted
  • With Neodyn magnets | The strongest permanent magnets in the world

1.211 EUR   1.099 EUR*

 * All prices shown are net prices and valid until 31.12.2023

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